Use Offline

Can be used offline without any internet connection at all. Audio clips all already included in the apk, so no further bloating of your disk space

Native audio

Every HSK word and all example sentences accompanied by native audio.


Words sharing the same characters are presented in sequence to aid the forming of connections in memory.

Words in Context

Each HSK word is initially presented in the context of a sentence to show how it is used


Memorizing tones is vital to improving Chinese pronunciation. Learn them with HSKMagic.

HSK Levels

Full support for HSK levels 1, 2, 3 & 4. HSK level 5 is fully supported apart from grammar section and natively recorded audio (Mandarin Text To Speech required to be set in Android settings for level 5 audio)


HSK grammar points are presented in sentence context with links to sources on the web for further explanation.

Automatic learning algorithms

Card choosing algorithm for quick automatic learning. Tricky words have additional links to web sources to speed up memorization.

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Learn/revise Chinese Mandarin as if by magic.

HSKMagic is a Chinese learning tool for phones and tablets, with a focus on the syllabus of the internationally recognized HSK exams.

Built by Intisol Limited.

Li River image copyright Thomas Fishler CC